Touch pad for digital signatures

Evolis Signature Pads

Evolis Signature Pads
  • Signature field for digital capture
  • USB connection for simple Plug and Play
  • For retail, healthcare, banks and more
  • Secure data transfer with AES standard
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How to obtain a customer’s signature instantly?

Quickly and easily with the digital signature pads Sig100, Sig200, Sig 100Lite and Sig Activ from Evolis: in a few seconds the signature is digitalised in high resolution – whether it is for customer loyalty programs, retail credit cards, GDPR consent forms, invoice validations, medical documents, loan and leasing contracts or even notarial contracts.

Evolis signature pads use resistive technology (signature captured with a stylus or finger) or ERT technology (pad reacts only to a stylus). When connected to an Evolis card printer you implement the captured signature directly onto an individual card.