Compact card printer for rewritable plastic cards

Evolis Tattoo RW

Evolis Tattoo RW
  • Printer for rewritable plastic cards
  • Multiple prints possible on special cards, even with new themes
  • Ideal for IDs, name tags, customer cards, etc.
  • High resolution monochrome prints (300 dpi)
  • Optional with magnetic stripe encoder or contactless smart cards
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The Tattoo RW from Evolis is one of the most compact card printers on the market! Within seconds you will issue membership cards, IDs, name tags or access cards with text, barcodes or graphics. What makes the Tattoo RW special: the printer imprints special plastic cards multiple times. It erases the previously printed surface via a thermal process and prints a new one up to 500 times.

Utilise the Tattoo RW for visitor systems or projects requiring short or medium-term demands. It is ideally suited for customised printing of texts and barcodes on name tags or cards for pricing or something similar. The Tattoo RW integrates itself into all environments, such as offices, banks or business transactions, because it is ideal for visitor ID badges, subscription cards and much more. The Tattoo RW card printer is able to process up to 500 cards per hour. The detachable output hopper holds up to 100 cards.