High-performance card printer full of features

Evolis Primacy 2

Evolis Primacy 2
  • Fast card printer for single- and double-sided printed function cards
  • Creates up to 1,000 monochrome and up to 235 color cards/hour
  • Input tray for up to 100 or optionally 200 cards
  • Model-dependent: LED panel or LCD touchscreen with a QR code display
  • USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
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The Primacy 2 from Evolis delivers professional card printing everywhere. It prints cards either in monochrome or colour, as well as single- or double-sided, as needed. Thanks to its large input tray of 100 or optionally 200 cards (the 200 card input may be easily integrated on-site), it prints up to 1,000 monochrome and up to 235 color cards per hour without interruption. At the same time, its print resolution is a consistently good 300 dpi right up to the edge.

Depending on the model, the Primacy 2 is equipped with an LED panel or an LED touchscreen with a QR code display which enormously enhances user friendliness. Connect is easily via its USB or Ethernet port. Wi-FI 802.11b/g ensures a reliable wireless network connection. Plus, the Primacy 2 offers UV implementation, a reprint feature (Kineclipse), ribbons with an RFID tag and double card protection, as well as an optional integrated scanner. The design of the Primacy 2 has also been well thought over, so that when the print head of the printer is open, the print head is automatically protected, extending its life cycle.